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Restoring the Unique Nature

of Anatolia

Anatolia is a highly biodiverse region of our planet, located on the crossroads of 3 different ecological zones.
The nature of Anatolia is threatened by many factors like overgrazing, land use change and monocultures.

Scientifically Based

All our projects are based on scientific knowledge and coordinated together with experts.


The aim is to experiment and find the best scientifically based method for Anatolia’s unique nature.

A Passionate Team

Our team is highly passionate and enthusiastic about ecological restoration.

Ecosystem Restoration

Anatolia used to look quite different even in the near past. What happened? What can we do to restore this unique region of the Earth?

Seedling Nursery

We test different methods to grow our region’s native tree and shrub species. We collect and record our results from the experiments.

We are driven by nature

We are guided by nature itself. Our observations of nature guide us and we plant/promote only native species to support biodiversity.