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My Story

I have been interested in plants and ecology since an extremely young age and have advocated against wrong nature policies.

Since the age of 7, I have been enthusiastic in plants and ecology, especially of my surrounding region, Ankara Province of Turkey. Several years later, I slowly started to advocate against the wrong natural policies, especially monoculture plantations and established my own experimental restoration plots.

My Mission

My main mission is to spread scientifically accurate information about nature and to help restore the ecosystems of Anatolia with a scientifically based method.

Ankara Oak Woodland Restoration

With 4 different sites in the region of Çayyolu, west of downtown Ankara, the main objective of this project is to restore the local oak woodlands and integrate them into the city.

Plant Propagation Experiments

Propagating native plants from local seed origins is an integral part of ecological restoration. However, with the limited source in hand for most native species, experimenting with different propagation methods is the way to go. We test different propagation methods in our small facility, west of Ankara.

Ecological Counselling

I also offer ecological advisory and counsellorship for projects, mostly tree planting projects.